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Date:2006-04-27 21:57

...Yeah that's the way it is currently.
A lot is weird.

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Date:2006-02-05 21:12

I swear, I feel dead.
Fuck*** results for half year end, cried the whole day nearly (Okay, just an hour, sorry), realized that I don't have friends and that I'm addicted to internet.

Fuck everything, really.

English presentation tomorrow and I'm just dead.. I don't understand anything of this fucking Earth First shit, and I've got to talk about it, great, isn't it?
Lemme survive this day, plz.

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Date:2006-01-19 18:09
Subject:Fanart: Always wanting You~
Mood: busy

Always wanting you

Artist: Piaohara/Audacia86/GreyXPassion... Me :P
Rating: PG
Pairing: James/Lily
Description: James' thinking of Lily.

A/N: Only a sketch, edited with computer programs.. hope you like it.


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Date:2005-12-23 20:25

Hey yo guys
I failed maths completely
Christmas's tomorrow and I'm NOT looking forward to it
*Has drunk wine with her brother, nearly one litre*
Huh Christmas sucks
What'cha do with christmas... just getting presents, buying presents, give 'em away and that's been everything
nothing special
I'll sit in mah room tomorrow evening, on computer maybe, doing nothing than being alone
Yeah being alone rules
*Has been alone for nearly 16 years now*
I'm used to it.. so why making a drama of this, huh

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Date:2005-12-15 18:15
Mood: gloomy

Fuck Fuck Fuck
I'm so very frustrated T_____________________T.
Still have to learn for sport and maths, two tests tomorrow and a tournament in sport and ohmygod I look like a dead girl, pale in my face and I've got huge, dark circles under my eyes...
Oh my god I just want to sleep.. I feel so damn tired.. I guess the last two nights I had the sleep I normally have in one night..
And, still, I didn't have scanned my new LilyxJames pictures, although just sketches, but I just want them to be published because they look really okay in my opinion :O
And now I've got to go
And this evening I've got a little time for doing what I want
I'll look "JOE BLACK" ... Muah I didn't look this when it was on TV the last time; I'm really excited :D Wanted to look this forever and ever
*Smiles small*
Well then

I hope you appreciate having free time and getting normal hours of sleep ;(


See you..

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Date:2005-11-10 18:26
Mood: distressed

World's hard ;_;.
*Has just gone home and is doing homeworks now*
Oh, and when I think of the maths iteration test... Argh that drives me mad tonight.
*Shakes a goodbye*
Bye, lovely world, hello hard world T_T,....

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Date:2005-10-14 22:31
Mood: excited




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Date:2005-10-08 12:12
Mood: pissed off

Yo guys.
Sorry, I know, it's gonna be one of this stupid LJs where the users just write about how selfish they are, how poor, how broken or whatever. Just this depressive stuff. But I just got to write it somewhere or I'll explode.
I had a row with my father. My mum and my dad live seperated, you know?
Sry I just don't want to write my whole lifestory in here. So I'll just write what was so bad now... I HATE THIS MAN. I really really hate him. Well, I hate my family too. Because they got such sick minds - stupid, without sense and blahblah.
I just HATE THEM. (You don't know any about my life so you can't say "Is she stupid? Family is everything!")
I got to my father with my aunt and we were having a conservation about my brother for that he never does something in the household and stuff. (My brother lives with my father. He's finishing his last year High-School.) My father totally protected him. It drove me mad. Because my father NEVER ever will see the bad in persons, he just sees the good. And that's his mistake; He sees mistakes in a person, so obviously that you can't deny them any more, but what is it? My father creates masks, loads of masks, puts them on the mistake and says: "Well, here it is!"
Oh how I HATE HIM!
Was it me that made my mother alcolohic at the beginning, was it me that made my father so damn pathetic as he is like now! Was it me that broke this family! Was it me that created such a stupid family like this, with nonsense in their brains!

Oh how I envy this normal families! I imagine so often to have a family with normal father&mother, NO ALCOHOL, that respect, love, care and everything for each other! And that take care for their childs!
Sorry that I write stuff like that but I just had to write somewhere..
Arhh I'm tired of this fuck*** life I have... Again I daresay!
Well I just go on and look what life brings. When I'm grown up I'll be out of here, promised! (<-Promise to myself I made some years ago..)
Well then,

Good evening you guys

See you

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Date:2005-10-08 11:17
Mood: excited

No. More. Words. Needed.

The Naughty Potter Quiz by xxnightbright
you will be . . .shagging like rabits on viagra who just got out of jail
in . . .the head boy's room
by/with . . .Sirius
and will be caught by. . .Lucius Malfoy
your relationship will end. . .never, it's eternal love for you
Quiz created with MemeGen!

(Yaaa I'm sick *thehe*)

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Date:2005-10-07 13:50
Mood: shocked

How said - Quizzies :p

How Will You Be Expelled From Harry Potter Fandom? by Marauder
Your Name
Your Favorite Character in Harry Potter
Your Favorite Color
Your CrimeSending The Sugar Quill a Harry/Hermione fic
Your ExcuseStill mourning Richard Harris
What Will HappenLocked in a room with Lockhart as punishment
What You Will Do Thenbelch slugs
Quiz created with MemeGen!

How Will You Be Expelled From Harry Potter Fandom? by Marauder
Your Name
Your Favorite Character in Harry Potter
Your Favorite Color
Your CrimeSending The Sugar Quill a Harry/Hermione fic
Your ExcuseStill mourning Richard Harris
What Will HappenLocked in a room with Lockhart as punishment
What You Will Do Thenbelch slugs
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Which Harry Male Harry Potter Character Will seduce You? by jarrad_wolfspirit
Seduced byProffessor Remus Lupin (In Werewolf form)
WhereIn the Dark Arts classroom
What pick up line did he use?Growl, Bark, Ruff!
How was itI have never been so happy!
How many times did you do it55
Memorable QuoteBark...Growl...bark
Quiz created with MemeGen!

(LOL not bad)

Which Harry Potter guy will woo you to bed? by Geomatterella
Who will woo you?Neville Longbottom
How did he woo you?He whispered sweetly into your ear.
When Will it happen?May 25, 2010
In which dorm did it happen in?Ravenclaw
How good was it?6
What happened afterwards?He introduced you to his parents at Christmas.
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Who Will You Marry In the Harry Potter Fandom?
by Phiremangston
Your HusbandHarry Potter
You Met In...First Year
Your Relationship Is...Full of snogging.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Date:2005-10-07 13:28
Subject:Make You Feel My Love
Mood: sick

Make You Feel My Love

Title: Make You Feel My Love
Pairing: SiriusxRemus - HP
Rating: PG-13
Author: GreYxPassioN
Beta-Reading: BUSAIKKO. THANKS A LOT!! *huggles*

Make you feel my love

It was so cold.

The rain became testier. My breath sounded like a dementor’s; Clashing, whistling. I coughed a few times and sank to the ground. Dammit. The alcohol has been too much yesterday, I had overdone it.

Quietly, I sighed and tried to sit up. The booming headache made it difficult for me to think coherently; I leaned my back against the wall again and I shifted my weight on my hands, propping myself on the balls of my hands. The darkness appeared so unreal. I blinked dizzily and burst out laughing. So maybe that was the “Irony of fate“. I had gotten drunk to dodge my problems, but now – I had even more problems; I couldn’t think clearly, couldn’t even stand up and... felt this longing again in me.

And it drove me crazy. I just thought again about him, about “everything” we could’ve had. But everything... was so infinitely far away. I knew exactly that it would never be.

Not again.

“Sirius... just shut up,” I advised myself quietly. I raised a hand and rubbed my eyes.
I should sleep...


A familiar voice echoed in my head. I jumped. My look glided to the door. Inwardly I shook my head. It could not be. I did not want him to see me; not like this. Not so damned pathetic... Not as a weakling that had gotten drunk to flee of his problems...


“Remus.” My voice was coarse. Chilly. Invalid.

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

“Firewhiskey,” I heard his reproachful-sounding voice from far away. Irritated I finally stood up. I pulled myself visibly up; my hands shook a bit. I let them quickly disappear into my trousers pockets. He wasn’t supposed to see me like this. To him, I was Sirius Black. THE Sirius Black, the perfect, blemishless Sirius Black... I smiled faintly as I walked over to him.
“Yeah, Firewhiskey.”
He raised an eyebrow. I had to smirk briefly; He was the only person I knew that could do that. I didn’t know why, but I liked it when he raised an eyebrow. He looked a bit... dominant. Quickly I dismissed my thoughts.
“Were members of the Order here yesterday?” he asked in normal voice. He turned around with the bottle of Firewhiskey in his hand and got out his wand. He murmured some charms and all the dirt of yesterday evening disappeared. Indignant, I averted my head a little. I had nearly become mad yesterday evening; Isolated from the community, cut off, alone. Totally lonely.
„No,“ I replied and settled in an old stool. He put the bottle of Firewhiskey in a corner of the desk in front of him and sighed. “Why did you get drunk, Sirius?”
I looked up. I glanced directly in his deep amber eyes. They were so beautiful, so-
“Sirius. Why?” He sounded serious. He sounded reproachful. He sounded like everything, everything I was longing for.
Concealment. Love. Togertherness. Warmth...
I avoided his look and closed my eyes. “Had nothing else to do.”

When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

“So because of boredom,” he concluded and settled in the chair across from me. Just the desk separated us. Just the clothes separated us.
It was more than just that. There were... ungovernable feelings that separated us. There were invisible worlds that were unreachable, so far away from us, like heaven, that were now jet-black, as dark as the night itself. Now the rain was accompanied by growling thunder. I lowered my head a bit, saw him through dropping down strands of hair. Again I realized how inviolable he was. How far away...
Maybe he was missing my answer, because he answered instead:
”Why are you doing this mischief to yourself, Sirius?”
Again I could feel his look; He seemed to push me to the edge, seemed to make me completely helpless, seemed to deliver me to him directly, and bereft me of mind...
Quickly I turned my gaze on him. I closed my eyes. My core was seething.
I felt the urge to stand up and push him against the wall. To hold him. To kiss him, to make him willing to be with me. I wanted to scream “I need you,” away, away out. So that everybody could hear.
When I opened my eyes again, the glowing urge ran dry and there was nothing more left, beside this empty feeling. Nothing more than this empty cover. Empty cover, because it contained nothing anymore; My heart had died a long time ago. My soul was without meaning.
I didn’t answer him again.

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my mind where you belong

“Answer me, Sirius...“
The hazardousness in his voice let me cold. “Why should I answer? Give me one reason, Remus, one reason and I will answer.”
My voice didn’t sound dangerous; My voice was cold, but somehow also despising. But I didn’t care. I had to defend myself. My drunkenness was gone, it seemed it had never been. I could think clearly again, could combine the puzzle particles and understand to what this would knock down. I knew it would end in an acute argument.
But I didn’t care.
“A reason.” Now his voice was calm. Calm like the Remus I knew. I looked at him; He was not really beautiful. He had wrinkles, too many for his young age; The grey hairs heaped already. He looked so exhausted, tired and empty. And I cursed myself, because this erstwhile professor was, dammit, one of the most beautiful essences in the world to me and will ever be. I cursed myself. Again.
Again when it involved him.
“A reason,” I responded, and made a claiming gesture with one hand. Then he stood up. He made slow steps, over to me. Came to a halt before me and looked from up above down to me. He looked depleted. As if he didn’t want anymore.
“I don’t want to argue with you, Sirius.”
“Me neither. But, one reason, Remus, just one reason and-“
I couldn’t speak anymore; I felt his ardent lips on mine, I could see everything from him. I could see everything; every scar, every wrinkle... And he was yet more beautiful. More beautiful than before.
“Because I am worried about you,” he whispered when we parted. “Is that reason enough?”

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

I was lost for words. But inwardly I laughed. In our young years this little, smart-aleck boy had managed so often to make me speechless. It seemed to be something that would never change. That this boy – man – could leave me behind, without words, everytime. It seemed like a circle, rotating around its center, again and again. Without end.
And I was grateful. I was grateful for being with him. For knowing him. I even believed it was the biggest present on earth – besides my friendship to James, my feelings for Lily and Harry – to love him. I thanked god so very much in this instant.
My tongue glided lustful and fast above his lower lip. I could feel that he smiled gently. My hands enveloped his hips, and I pulled him onto my lap. I let go of him completely, but in the next moment I had already closed my arms around his back, pulled him in an embrace from which he could not flee.
I buried my face in his shabby clothing. I felt the warmth coming from it. His scent beclouded my mind, as it used to do so often. I loved his scent. It was like a drug, an addiction. “That is reason enough.”
He smiled and stroke my neck tenderly.
Oh, how deeply I loved this man.

The storms are raging on the rollin' sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing like me yet

I realized nothing more; the ferocious showers still continued, and it thundered without an end. The growling I didn’t hear; I didn’t hear my mother’s hysterical screams when members of the Order entered the house. I heard nothing else but his tactful breath.
”Remus,” I whispered quickly, and looked at him a moment. “I am doing this to myself because it is the only way to forget you. Because it’s been the only thing I could do.“ My voice sounded lightly desperate. I shook.
”Shhh,“ He tried to comfort me and held me in his arms. I continued speaking.
Everything had to come out, everything. I couldn’t go on anymore.
”Without you I feel useless. Without you my life is like a morning without sunrise, like... like... the worst one can imagine. You know what I see when I meet a boggart? I see you, lying dead on the floor, anguished in your pain. You mean so much to me. You are my life. I just can’t go on-”
“Sirius, it’s okay,” he said simply and closed his eyes. He pressed my head on his chest and held me safe in his arms. “It’s okay. I am with you.“
The iciness abated.
”I am with you, Sirius...”

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love

”I love you.”
He smiled. And I felt that he loved me, too.
He didn’t say it, but I felt it.
“I love you so very much.”

When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love


Feedback? Would be lovely.

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Date:2005-10-05 21:44
Subject:Immortial - Mortal
Mood: tired



Author: GreYxPassioN
Pairing(s): RemusxSirius
Rating: PG-13. (Continues to R, but only a bit.)
Warning: Slash. Depri. Angst.
Summary: Someone is immortal. Or maybe someone just wants the other someone to be immortal.



I froze as Sirius touched my cheek; Barely adequate for Sirius. Sirius wanted more. Sirius always wanted more. That was the way he was, nothing more.
When he loved, he loved right.
When he loved, he wanted everything. He wanted to hear his lover moan, gasp, wanted to feel his warmth against his own body. Wanted to rub bodies against each other, so that the warmth was everywhere. And he loved me.
So I had it to give to Sirius. It was simple, to Sirius.
And I was so glad that it was this simple to him. Because I myself never would have dared to say: “Hey Sirius. Let’s. I want you, I need you. Right now.”
And Sirius did.
He then would lean over me, hiss hot puffs into my face so that I would shiver. He would kiss me, passionately, hotly, so that I would melt, everytime.
Like I am now.
I shivered when his rough palm stroked above my shoulder, making its way to my back. I loved it. I loved it so very much – it seemed nearly unbelievable to ever have.
In this moment, I didn’t think of it; I just deliquesced, because of his tenderness, his warmth, his body, Sirius.
Just because of him.


“Sirius”, I whispered in his ear and could feel him smile gently when he let his body down on mine. We sweated everywhere. The air was like a sauna it seemed; Beyond all bearing – hot. So hot that I could kiss him to death. He seemed to notice it and pressed my body down into the bed with his belly. I gasped, closed my eyes and pressed my lips together. “There’s no need to disturb this wonderful silence, Moony.”
His voice was so gentle, but he grinned, I felt that.
And I shivered again.
He calmed me down when he began to kiss my cheek, my lips, my ears. His tongue helped.
I love you, I thought and really calmed down.
I was now sleepy.
The silence was there again, but this time it wonderful to me too. I absently stroked through his hair, through his jet-black hair. He placed one last kiss on my forehead and laid his head with his cheek on my chest. I could hear his breath.
Phuuh. Phuuh. Phuuh.
I knew that kind of breath – he would sleep now. I grinned slightly and whispered: “G’night, Pads.”
But when he looked up to me, the atmosphere changed completely. His look was serious. Too serious; It nearly made me afraid.
“What’s wrong, Sirius?”
He was silent. He came off of me, then laid beneath me. He pulled me in an embrace.
Now I was afraid. This was not the Sirius I knew.
He was just like this when something made him sad. Or afraid. Or...
“Remus”, his voice was nothing more than a whisper. I had to listen hard, because I barely understood him. “...Yeah?”
“I want you to know something.”
I looked up, asking. “What is it...?”
Then he smiled. It was such a bewitching smile. It was so tender.
Why do you have to be so tender, I thought. I closed my eyes and could feel his heartbeat.
“Moony. Whatever may happen...”, he had closed his eyes when I did. We laid now, embracing each other. We just laid there and I listened to him. I heard his heart beating, the warmth skipping from his body to mine, from mine to his. I listened to his breath.
I nearly fell asleep.
It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.
“With you, I am immortal”

“You liar”, I whisper.
Hysterical, faithless.
“You are a such damn liar.”
Again, whispered words, nearly inaudible.
He has been here.
He has been here on this earth.
Had told me he’d be immortal. With me.
But of this I notice nothing.

Because Sirius Black is dead. He will never return.
And I, foolish as I have been – have believed him.
Yeah, how stupid.
Him being immortal.
Remus Lupin, you are a born fool.

I hate myself.
And I hate you.
I hate you, Sirius Black.
For leaving me behind, here.
For leaving me alone.

I am breaking, I am numb.




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Date:2005-10-04 22:00
Mood: exhausted

Hey guys. Today's been a pretty hard day. Came too late to school and I had, first lesson, my hated teacher. My most hated teacher.
Well. After that.. I had school till 2 o' clock pm. Then I went home, made homeworks - Know, I'm too brave :P - and meanwhile I did homeworks I was clever. Like everytime. I drank banana-milkshake, and spilt it all over my clothing, my books for school, my desk, my carpet..
*laughs*. And my stool still is wet with the banana stuff.
I'm so stupid, am I?
Well.. shortly, before going to bed: A test.

Your element is Wood. Out of the five senses, your
best is sight. You are a very focused person.
You like to the always feel free. Others see
you as a very connected person. When you feel
the need, you always concetrate on what has to
get done. You are kind and good, you should
never change.

What Element Lies Deep Within You?(Beautiful Anime Pictures)Sorry, girls only.
brought to you by Quizilla

And at Harry potter Quiz I KNEW EVERYTHING.
Mahaha. Yeah I know sounds like I don't have other problems. Lol.
No, sorry Guys, for today it'll be that, only that.


*proud for herself*

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Date:2005-10-03 23:19
Mood: bouncy

Hehe. Hello there.

Look around.
*bounces up and down*
Took me almost a hour to do it like THIS! Theheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Now I feel comfortable.

LOVE YOU GUYS hehe...............


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Date:2005-10-02 22:26
Subject:New fanfiction.
Mood: cold

New fanfiction. RemusxSirius.

Wrong way

: Wrong way

: GreYxPassioN
Pairing(s): SiriusxRemus (Later. Begins with Sirius being 14 years old, so it’s just kind of a beginning, a start.)

: PG-13. (Later maybe R. Don’t know yet.)
Summary: Sirius writes letters. Every year, December.
Note: I’d like feedback. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaseeeeeee.

Letter 1

 - - -

December, 1976

Hey, Remus.

...I don’t know why I write exactly now to you. Maybe because I’m not this fine, momentarily. Well.
How are you?
I liked to ask you this question so many times, but I never did. Have
you ever realised that? I think so. I think you’ve wondered a lot of
times why I asked James and Peter this question, but not you.
Maybe I never really wanted to know how you are. Because I already know.
Yeah, sounds funny, I know that. But I DO KNOW how you are. I know everytime what you feel. What you are thinking.
Huh, I smile a bit now.
Just writing to you, talking to you or thinking of you seems to make me
happy. Although I don’t know why. And it’s really odd that I smile,
right now.
Want to know why?
’Cause I just want to get out of here. I can’t anymore, Moony.
...I really can’t go on like this.
My mom drives me mad. She does not talk to me. She does even not look
at me. It seems I mean nothing to her, not even a little bit.
But, hello – I am HER SON. She just has to take care of me.
Because that’s a mother’s duty. Isn’t it?
Please, tell me, it is..
...I have seen your mother, with you. How she cares for you.
I felt happy for you that moment but everything in me has ached. I know that it is selfish. But I can’t suppress it.
Everytime I see a mother and their child, I feel sick.
Then I just want to scream.
And I ask myself, this stupid question for so long now;
Why do I not have a mother like yours?
I know it’s stupid to think about. I just should accept that I don’t have what I want to have. Because I know it will never be. My mom will
never be that way I want her.
Moony, it would be just enough for me that she smiles at me. Just that.
...I should stop now.
It’s Christmas day tomorrow, you know. And you, Peter and James are surely now in Hogwarts, Common room. Or in the dormitory. Wherever you may be now, you have surely a lot of fun.
I regret so much that I responded to my mom, to her letter. I didn’t show it to anybody of you guys; She wrote me a letter and pleaded me,
really she pleaded for me to come home. Because she did not want to be alone this Christmas.
So, and what now? Now I am the one alone, sitting lonely in my room.
That’s so stupid. I could be now with you, Peter and James.
But somehow I just want to be with you. I don’t know why, Remus.
It’s just as like it is. And I can’t do anything against that. I feel that I want to look in your eyes; seeing that deep brown colour again,
would be everything.
This would be my verybest Christmas present, at least.
Ah, that reminds me of something...
When I drove home with the Hogwarts-Express, I asked myself: What is Love?
And I wanted to ask you. Because you are the one with the keen mind of us.
I hope you can explain that “thing” to me.
Because I’m kind of confounded.
...Yeah, I am confounded.
Because there’s something happened, something odd.
And I did not tell James.
So I ask you not to tell James I’ve told you. Or, at least, told this letter I am writing.
...During the last weekend in Hogwarts, I... have slept with a girl.
 My first time.
It was strange.
She was sixteen.
Moony, she was sixteen years old.
Oh, god.
What have I done??
I know I look like seventeen years but somehow I am not mature enough! (I know, sounds funny to you – me, telling something like this! Telling you something about “being mature” and stuff!
... But it’s just like this, isn’t it?)
I, a fourteen year old boy, looking like seventeen – have slept with a sixteen year old girl.
Oh, I feel everything’s going the wrong way. It was false, I know that.
Well, I will stop now.
I am writing absurd and bedlam (I’ve noticed that I really write bedlam – The things I’ve written have no link. Sorry.).
I hope we will see each other soon.
Very soon.
This first week out of Hogwarts has been the hardest. I just can’t stop counting the days I see you guys again. The days I finally can look in
your eyes.
Okay, I’m getting strange again.
I just HAVE TO find out what’s going on with me.
I’ll promise I’ll tell you if I will find out.

Merry Christmas, mate.



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Date:2005-10-02 14:42
Subject:Creating my own hell.
Mood: happy

My own hell.


DMV Employees
Circle I Limbo

Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Bill Gates
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Bill Clinton
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Saddam Hussein
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Osama bin Laden
Circle VII Burning Sands

George Bush
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

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Date:2005-10-02 13:29
Subject:Marry man
Mood: awake

I've seen this at a LJ. Dunno where, but it doesn't matter right now.

I&apos;m Mrs. Sirius Black</a>

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

Sirius Black.. YOU ARE MY LOVE *gig* -Remus Lupin *g*

I've taken the quiz for little dearie Remus..
But also I love Siri :P

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Date:2005-10-02 02:23
Subject:Sirius x Remus
Mood: sleepy

Hey you. I've just read too much SiriusxRemus Fanfictions. Should be time I go to bed now. I feel so tired, really. That's fun.
I don't want to go to sleep because I can't. I know I can't. Too much that happened today, yesterday..
But, gnah... I CAN'T SLEEP.
I've really read too much Sirius and Remus.
That's like a curse. It haunts me. I'll dream of them tonight, I know that. Gah.
They really haunt me, sighhhhhh..

Someone that's like me - cannot sleep?

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Date:2005-09-27 20:58
Subject:Nothing special.
Mood: exhausted

Hey there.
Nothing special.
Just hello.

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